Erica Mattison ericahmattison dotbikedotbike Fwd: Illegally parked trucks on Dorchester Avenue...again
Dear Dot Bikers,

See below. I believe we need to speak up and say that this is not
acceptable and the city should not continue to sit by while this practice
goes on. If officials heard from 15 residents about this today, I'm pretty
sure it would get some attention, so feel free to join me in contacting
local officials about this ongoing problem.

-Erica Mattison

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From: Erica Mattison <gmailericahmattison.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Illegally parked trucks on Dorchester Avenue...again
To: Tracy Litthcut <tracy.bostonlitthcut.gov>, Francis Baker <
Frank.cityofbostonBaker.gov>, Amy Frigulietti <amy.bostonfrigulietti.gov>,
Amanda Curley <amanda.bostoncurley.gov>, Annissa Essaibi-George <
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Olsen <alana.bostonolsen.gov>, Ayanna.bostonPressley.gov
Cc: Bryan Bryson <bryan.d.gmailbryson.com>

My neighbor notified me of the current situation at the intersection of
Crescent, E Cottage, and Dorchester Ave this morning. See attached photo.
The Boston 311 reference number is 101002233992.

I have brought these illegal, unsafe truck practices to the attention of
the city before, including recently about this very intersection. Truck
drivers should not be parking in intersections to do unloading. We have the
ability to address this issue, and I'm looking for you to step up and do

If you want to do something to reduce gridlock on Dorchester Ave, 1) get
the city to do regular enforcement in this area and 2) change the parking
signage at this location so that trucks aren't regularly parked in the
intersection during rush hour, aka make it a loading zone during certain
hours and tow cars that are illegally parked there.

Otherwise, we will continue to have unecessarily bad gridlock, blocked
visibility and access, and unecessarily dangerous streets. This is not what
Vision Zero implementation looks like. Would you feel comfortable about a
12-year old walking through that intersection this morning? I wouldn't.

Thank you,
Erica Mattison
1910 Dorchester Ave

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