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Feel free to echo these concerns.
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From: "Erica Mattison" <gmailericahmattison.com>
Date: Aug 31, 2017 11:11 AM
Subject: Illegal truck practices - 944, 949 Dorchester Ave
To: "Tracy Litthcut" <tracy.bostonlitthcut.gov>, "Gina Fiandaca" <
Gina.bostonfiandaca.gov>, "Chris Osgood" <chris.bostonosgood.gov>
Cc: "David Cotter" <david.bostoncotter.gov>, "Amy Frigulietti" <
amy.cityofbostonfrigulietti.gov>, "Amanda Curley" <amanda.bostoncurley.gov>,
"Alana Olsen" <alana.bostonolsen.gov>, "Annissa Essaibi-George" <

Good morning,
> Please step up morning enforcement at intersection of Dorchester Ave and
> Cresent Ave/ E Cottage St (944 Dorchester Ave and across the street at 949
> Dorchester Ave). Two large trucks were illegally parked by tow zone signs
> in the intersection this morning, as the drivers did their unloading. This
> is dangerous and they should not be allowed to continue this. It happens
> regularly. I did a 311 but this location needs regular enforcement. If the
> city cannot provide safe, legal places for unloading goods, trucks of this
> size should not be allowed.
> Thank you,
> Erica Mattison

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